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Are you planning to export fruits from India globally? Export these fruits to Succeed!

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Are you interested in exporting fruits? Do you want to know which are the most profitable fruits to export?

In this blog, we have discussed many topics like how to export fruits and vegetables from India, how export of fruits and vegetables from India works, which fruits are exported from India and many more other things!

As of 2019 export of fruits in India is low compared to the potential India has. Globally there is a huge demand for fruits grown in India. 


Which are the most profitable and most export fruits Indian traders can Export?

Indian exporters can benefit immensely if they exploit this demand in the global market.

There is an unreasonable fear among Indian exporters regarding the quality of fruits to be maintained.

To start with the exporters in India should narrow down countries that already have a market for the fruits we grow in India and the sub-products that are made from these fruits. 

Secondly, the country importing our fruit should have a stable yet expanding economy

Thirdly an Indian exporter should acquaint himself with all treaties the Indian government has with the country he is exporting to.

Import Export Fruit

Most Profitable fruits to Export:

India produces both pome fruits and stone fruits. Below we are sharing a list of top fruits which are most profitable to export:

  • Apples: In terms of production and quality apples is India’s top export worthy product.
    The countries importing apples with fastest-growing market for apples are Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.
  • Pomegranates: India is one of the largest pomegranate producers in the world.


The demand for this fruit in higher segment improves the profitability of the exporters.

The Largest importing countries are United Arab Emirates, Netherlands,Saudi Arabia and Oman.

  • Mangoes: Mangoes grown in India has large scale demand globally

United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh,United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia are top importers of mangoes.

We are also sharing a brief list of some other fruits which are best options to choose from:   

  • Cherries: Chile, Hong Kong, United States and Turkey are the top four countries importing Cherries.
  • Pears: Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Belarus are the top four countries importing Pears.
  • Apricots: Germany, Russia and France are the top three countries importing Apricots.
  • Plums: China, Hong Kong, Germany and the United Kingdom are the top four countries importing Plums.
  • Oranges: France, Netherlands, China and Germany are the top countries to export Oranges.
  • Grapes: United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia are the top countries across the globe to which grapes are exported.
  • Water Melons: Germany, France, Netherlands,United Kingdom and Spain are the countries which import watermelons.

To learn the Details of Import Export Watch this Video:

Exporting dehydrated fruits in  international market is also a very profitable option while dragon fruit export from India is becoming a new trend.

Some Dehydrated fruits that are exported from India, in dried form are Dates, Cherries, Kiwi, Strawberry,and Mango.

Additionally, Strawberry export from India is booming to its peak. 

Apart from the usual trends Indian exporters should also consider the ongoing trends across the globe.

The Vegan lifestyle has given rise to demand of fruits like Jack-fruit as a substitute to meat. Jack-fruit can be exported to North America and European countries and thus Jackfruit export from India is a great business opportunity. 

Moreover, banana export from India is also a great opportunity as there is huge demand for bananas in the international market.

The government has set a target of achieving trade of $10 trillion trade of which export will have 20% contribution, so Indian exporters should make the most of this time period.

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