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Blooming Flower Exports From India and Indian Floriculture

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According to the Government of India Floriculture in India is a sunrise industry and has 100% export oriented status.

With its increasing demand all over the world, it has become one of the important commercial trades in Agriculture.

In this blog, we have discussed many things like how to export flowers from India, the biggest importers of Indian flowers, flower exporters in India, and which flowers export from India. 

The list of flowers exported from India is increasing day by day, and this evolution of the export of flowers from India has gained a new pace in these recent years.

Biggest Importers of Indian Flowers

There is a huge demand for the Indian flowers and so these are following countries who are the biggest Importers of Indian flowers:

  • United States of America(14,692.43 in lacs)
  • Netherland(7,789.14 in lacs)
  • United Kingdom(4,470.63 in lacs)
  • Germany(3,938.55 in lacs)
  • United Arab Emirates(3,434.08 in lacs)
  • Canada(2,341.81 in lacs)
  • Australia(1,607.44 in lacs)
  • Italy(1,578.90 in lacs)
  • Japan(1,574.58 in lacs)
  • Malaysia(1,539.92 in lacs)

Flower Exports

Facts about Flower Export from India

  • Indian roses grown in Bengaluru and Pune have biggest demand in Europe and United kingdom.
  • Indian Society of Floriculture Professionals have estimated that flowers exported from India across the world are worth around 30 crore.
  • During the time of Valentine’s day and Christmas, Flower Export from India is at peak specially for beautiful Indian roses.
  • Ghodawat Agro Group also known for sending three lakh stems of flowers every day to Indian market as well as Export market, is planning to set up a floriculture project in Goa aiming to construct biggest orchid farms in the world.

Benefits of Flower Exports

  1. The Liberation of industrial and trade policies has made a way for the development of cut flowers for the export oriented production.
  2. The Floriculture market of India was worth INR 157 Billion in 2018 and may reach to INR 472 Billion by 2024, it is growing at a CARG of 20.1% during the years 2019-2024.
  3. Economic literati and agricultural experts said that the flower industry in India, and per capita consumption both are most likely to grow more internationally.
  4. United States of America, Netherland, United kingdom and Germany are the major importing countries of flowers from India along with some other countries.
  5. The country is blooming in the export of flower as in the year 2018-19, 19726.57 MT of floriculture products were exported all around the world with its worth of rs 571.38 crore or 81.94 USD millions.

What is Floriculture?

Floriculture means the farming of flowers, it is a part of horticulture dealing with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for garden, floristry and everything that comprises in floral industry.

The Floriculture business in India is flourishing in success due to its high demand in the country itself and in the international level as well. In the near future the Flower Export business in India will reach great heights and increase its growth worldwide.

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