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Do you export organic products or organic food from India?

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The export organic products from India surged by 50% in 2018-19, said APEDA. Export potential of organic products if you are interested in starting an organic export from an Indian business. It has shown massive success in 2019, and it is predicted that organic farming export from India will grow more than double soon.

Many countries are keen to buy top organic products exported from India and organic food products from India due to its high quality and healthy point of view.

Biofach  India 2019

Biofach India is the most significant event of organic food and organic agriculture of India. It is the leading trade fair for organic food in India, organic products in India held in NCR, New Delhi, From 7th November ’19 to 9th November’ 19.

APEDA, known as Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, is a statutory body under the Ministry of Commerce that will show India’s empowerment as an important hub for buy organic food in India, food, ingredients, etc. Biofach for three days.

It is a National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) under APEDA. APEDA also provides a list of leading organic food exporters in India.

The entire organic agriculture fraternity of organic food exporters, traders, best organic food products in India, certified organic farmers, retailers and others relating to organic food products in India had attended this large meet.

India Organic products can only be exported from India if produced, processed, packed, and labelled according to the National Programme for Organic Production(NPOP)requirements. Indian production was 2.67 million MT of organic food products in India.

In 2018-19, including various varieties of products like cereals, millets, cotton, pulses, sugar cane, oilseeds, tea, fruits, medicinal plants, spices, vegetables, dry fruits, coffee, organic pulses export from India and plenty of other varieties.

This event showcased the strength of India in the organic products export from India worth more than USD 757 million(that is Rs 5151 crore ) during the year 2018-19, crossing the previous year’s worth of USD 515 million in 2017-18.

Some Facts

    • Growth in the e-commerce sector has undoubtedly helped export organic products India to reach out to potential customers and boost up in recent years.
    • The awareness of its superior quality and healthiness through various digital platforms has contributed to its organic food export. India’s government has also taken initiatives to boost the organic food products in India by introducing schemes like Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY), in which 2 lakh hectares will be given for organic farming benefit 5 lakh farmers.
    • APEDA estimated that flax seeds, soybean, sesame, medicinal plants, pulses, rice and tea are the leading organic food products that lead to this growth.
    • The leading organic products importer from India is Germany. The USA, other European countries used to be the biggest buyers of organic food export from India, organic vegetable export from India, and now there is an increasing demand from other countries like Taiwan, Canada and South Korea. So there are other countries as well that are interested in buying organic products from India.
    • The demand keeps on growing for a list of organic products exported from India, and the statistics of the present and previous years reflect volume about it.
    • Flax seeds, sesame, soybean, tea, medicinal plants, rice, and pulses have been important organic exports from India, leading to an almost 50% increase in organic exports in 2018-19, reaching Rs 5151 crore.

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