How to Start Export-Import Business in India

Export - Import is the trade which is happening for last thousands of years and will continue for next thousands of years or more. Due to Technology and Communication Transformation World is coming closer day by day and trade and activities are happening more frequently and more easily. In India DGFT is the Govt. Body under Ministry of Commerce and Industry which is responsible for Export and Import trades. For starting your Export-Import Business, Following steps need to be taken:-

1. CREATE AN ENTITY & COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION You can make Proprietorship, Partnership, Pvt. Ltd.Co etc. and you can take a help of some CA for creation of entity.

2. CURRENT ACCOUNT IN ANY REPUTED BANK You can apply with any Nationalize Bank and they will happily open your current account, which will be required for applying your IEC.

3. IMPORTER'S & EXPORTER'S CODE You can apply IEC Code online and this can be done through DGFT website, for starting your own export-import business this is one of the main task which you need to fulfill.

4. FINALIZE THE PRODUCT You can go through data of products being exported or imported through online data on various websites which will help you find out lot of products you can go through and start your export-import.

5. FINALIZE THE PRODUCT MARKET You can check data online on various websites to find out top Importing and Exporting Countries.

6. SEARCH ON GENUINE BUYERS You can start searching some buyers for your products and start communication with them and follow up, for that best way is to register online on various B2B websites like Alibaba, India-mart,

7. RECEIVE POSITIVE RESPONSE Once you start getting inquiries , You may exchange samples and start process of shipping the products , Many shipping companies can help you in that.

8. FINALIZE "CHA" (Custom House Agent) is the person who will help you in all the process once you get response for your products from buyers from abroad, so all the documentation part, shipping and logistic part, insurance etc. he may take care.

So, once you do your first trade you will get to know the entire process and next trades will be easier and more systematic and that way you can start your export-import business very easily step by step. Many Organisations are there which can help to understand entire process very quickly and easily.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Business Now !!