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The Role of Customs Clearance in Import Export Process

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Are you aware of the customs clearance involved in international business? The importance of custom clearance is a must in the import-export business. The goods have to undergo customs clearance for their release. Here we will discuss the procedures required for the release of the shipment in the Import Export Process.

As we all know, every country has its laws and these laws are governed by different authorities in a particular country. The person handling your shipment documentation and customs documentation must be an experienced one. This is required for you to be on the safer side.



What is Customs Clearance?


The role of the custom clearance function in the Import-Export Process involves the preparation as well as the submission of import and export documentation. It helps in the following:

To represent a company before the customs examination

Assessing the document

Payment of duties and releasing the cargo from customs after the clearance of documents.

Understanding the Import-Export Process and its customs procedure is important. Customs involved a set of documentations, both while importing or exporting goods. 

A few of the import-export documents are mentioned here:


For Export Import Clearance Process

A purchase order from the buyer

Bill of entry


Signed invoice

Packing list

Bill of lading or delivery order/ airway bill

An Importer’s/ CHA’s declaration

Import license

Insurance documents

LC or Letter of Credit or a Bank Draft

Certificate of origin, etc.

List of custom clearance documents for export


Follow this list of documents required for export customs clearance in India and make your process smooth and quick. 


Purchase order from the buyer

Sales invoice

Processing of shipping bill, both, EDI and Non-EDI

Export of Goods under Drawback scheme.

Status of shipping bills

Customs examination of export cargo, etc.



Apart from the procedure mentioned above for clearance of import and export goods, others also follow simultaneously.

The Import Export Process needs a well-defined and the right forwarder, who can easily handle the release of shipments without any fail. A wrong customs broker may lead to a delay in the shipment. In such cases, heavy payments are to be borne by you, resulting in hefty penalties.

  1. Choosing the right freight forwarder should be the main aim of any business owner or a company:

This is because, as a wrong freight forwarder with less experience and knowledge not only makes your company bear the loss, it might also result in losing the reliability, credibility, and delay in the shipment to the international customers.

Once the material is delayed, the chances of losing a potential buyer increases, which no business owner wants, especially when dealing with international supplies. So, whether you are new in business or not, you should be aware of the basic Import Export Process well to avoid such issues.




  1. What not to do?

If you want your import-export customs clearance business to be handled in the right way and smoothly, here is what not to do.

Selecting the cheap freight forwarder to save money

Selecting the freight forwarding company, which is new in the business

Thus, the people mentioned above might help you save money by luring you to pay the lowest price, but when the further process comes, you will be in trouble. So, paying a little extra buck to the company which is handling the import and export shipping process (shipment) & warehousing, in the long run, is the best option.

Big companies have contacts with the customs department guys, which will be another factor to make the process easier and faster.

Want to know more? Let’s explore what is custom clearance process, custom clearance meaning, custom clearance agent and a few more important points related to it. 

The role of custom clearance procedure in the Import Export Process requires a wider aspect to explore the actual requirements which come in its way; like the complexity of custom clearance of export cargo shipment. Moreover, there are certain problems that might come into your way while the import shipment procedure is loaded and put on hold in the warehouse department.  

But there are ways to make import customs clearances work in your favour, these are:

1 Giving Accurate Information to your Customs Broker:

The first and basic thing should be clear, i.e., ‘The Right Info’. Providing the details to your customs broker accurately will make the further process easier. It helps the customs broker or freight forwarder to perform their tasks efficiently.

If you are dealing with an import-export business, then it is well known, it requires a lot and a lot of paperwork. If the details asked by your customs clearance department executive are given properly, the paperwork is carried in a couple of times. Otherwise, it takes a lot of time.

  1. A Right Info Saves from the Risk:

The Import Export Process, though, seems to be easy, is a hectic one. As a business owner, you have to carry out your manufacturing processes without any delay. A delay in the supply means you are more likely to lose the international client. 

So, to avoid such delays, providing the right information to your customs broker saves you from the risk of delay. It saves you from extra duties and customs fees at the ports.

Many companies try to hide the info while letting their cargo customs clearance be managed by a freight forwarding company. Think, will it benefit you? No. Sharing the details is an advantage in getting your shipment to be exported or imported in a risk-free means.


While dealing in the import-export business or one can say, an Import Export Process, the role of Customs Clearance is big. One must fully understand the process involved, the documentation required, risks-factors in the shipment, and overall choosing the right company to handle the logistics, customs, and companies which can make your shipment documents easier.

Overall, an import-export business is a lucrative one. Earning good money and maximising the profits are factors which make the international business look good. The role of customs clearance is as vital as described in the customs clearance job description. So, to make your business run smoothly, a major role is played by a customs clearance department.

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