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List of Top Import Export Business Products

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List of Best Import and Export Business In India

An import export business is one of the most renowned businesses across the globe. Every country in the world has its USP in exporting the products. Because of the import export business, the trade balance is maintained, and each country gets a chance to create a monopoly of its exported product in the international marketplace. This is how the entrepreneurs think about the import export business from the outside world.

Import Export Business Products

What is the product in import export business process? Technically speaking, product selection is one of the most important criteria that help any entrepreneur to climb the ladder of success in this business segment. It takes a lot of research for any business owner to deal with the product selection. Also, there are cases when a person already has a product ready for export, and he is looking for and business professional training set-up to start the trade. Once the product selection is successfully carried out, the next important step is finding the potential buyer or supplier.


import export business products
                                                                     List of Top Import Export Business Products


With this blog, we are listing out the top import export business products. So, let’s begin with the introduction of import export products list in India.




Export Products:

  • Activated Carbon export:

India produces the highest numbers of coconuts, and hence, exporting coconut shell is quite famous amongst the Indian exporters. The coconut shell is widely used in the water purification and gold extraction process across the globe.

  • Ceramic tiles and products

Indian Morbi Cluster is the second largest ceramic-producing cluster in the world after China. The exporting of ceramic tiles can prove worth for the Indian EXIM business owners with famous countries in the world such as the USA and Spain for importing the highest number of ceramic products.

  • Cereals and pulses export:

India is the land of spices, herbs, cereals and pulses. Exporting any of these products can help you get a great share in the international market.

  • Coffee:

Considering Asia, India is the third largest producer of high-quality coffee. Exporting coffee can be really a sound idea for the import export business owner. Wondering how to start export of coffee? Watch the full vide for entire EXIM business set-up.



Indian Coffee export
                                                                          Indian Coffee Export
  • Cut and finished diamonds

Indian market imports diamonds and exports the cut and finished diamonds on a large scale. This sector has both the opportunities for the import export business owner, i.e., importing diamonds and exporting cut & finished diamonds.

  • Leather

Leather item as import export business products: India is considered as the rich land having the highest numbers of cattle population. Indian leather market is amongst the top eight leather exporters in the world. Picking up the leather market can help you to earn a higher profit margin in the import export business.

  • Milk Export:

No wonder, why people are unaware of this amazing exporting segment! The Indian dairy is considered as the world’s largest dairy segment helping milk exporters with a greater share in the market. The EXIM business owners can target UAE, Singapore and Bangladesh as their major exporters.

  • Organic food:

India is getting famous for producing 100% organic food. Our farmers grow organic food without any chemical fertilizers, and the organic segment has recently acquired excellent market attention both locally as well as internationally. Last year, India exported around 298 million USD of organic products.

  • Raw Cashews:

The CEPC (Cashew Export Promotional Council) of India significantly helps the Indian exporters with the best norms and support for increasing the export of raw cashews. This is one of the best products to start your exporting career with.

  • Rice and Sugar:

India, including both the Basmati and Non-Basmati rice, has the largest share in the world concerning production. On the other hand, the sugar export market is quite strong in the Indian market. Both of these products can be a great start for your EXIM career.


Indian Export Growth
                                                                                                                    Indian Export Growth

Import export business products for IMPORTING


  • Electronic toys

India being the most populated country in the world, has the highest numbers of children that enhances the demand for toys. Electronic toys are having great demand in the market today, and hence, it can be one of the best products to start your importing ideas with.

  • Machinery Import

Indian start-ups or small scale business segments are the backbone of our economy. All these industries need machineries to begin their business production. Imported machineries are quite reasonable, which gradually increases the demand in the local market.

  • Fertilizer Import

Except Urea, all other fertilizers are free for import under Open General License. This can be a good start to help the agriculture industry in India by importing the fertilizers and selling to the keen market.


India Total Imports Growth
                                                                                                            Indian Imports Growth


  • Glass and Glassware

Indian market imports a greater share of Glass and Glassware items. This can be a superior product for importing business idea.

  • Diamonds

India is the highest exporter of cut and finished diamonds for which India also manages to the highest importer of Raw Diamonds. Importing diamonds can help you earn big in the market.

Best products for Import Export Business

Apart from the above products, India also ranks high in the export of guar gum seeds. The made-up textile market is also having a greater share in the import export business in India. Natural rubber is also a best import and export product for the keen traders. Overall, the Indian market has a wide range of opportunities for the import export business owners.


After product selection: Finding potential buyer/supplier

Finding a potential buyer or supplier is the most important process after the product selection. At Impexperts, we serve our candidates with complete EXIM training and experience to help them initiate their first trade successfully. Call on +91 9211066888 for gathering complete information about the EXIM knowledge, training and business service set-up.

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