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Tips for writing an email to International Importers and exporters

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Friends, we all are aware of the process of contacting buyers and suppliers, or we can say the process of contacting our importers and exporters with a sample letter for exporting goods. We have learned the basics in our previous blogs and video series, if you have not yet read our previous blogs, I would advise you to read or watch that first.

Concentrating on the current topic, the importers, as well as exporters, are to be contacted via email format for export business and that looks quite professional too. One of our training experts, Avani Agarwal has beautifully shared the email communication tips in her video, and you can click here to watch the same.


The International Imorters & Exporters:

The easiest and convenient way for reaching to your International importers as well as an exporter is through an email sample for export business. An email template for export business is a free service of transferring your message to the opponent party. We appreciate the use of a professional email format for export which includes for sending quotes, pictures, subject messages, and updates.


International exporters


So how does the communication angle work?

The very first thing that a business owner has to take care of while dealing with international dealers is ‘the way of addressing and talking’. Every country has a different mode of introductory letter of an Indian exporter to an overseas importer, communication and expression. If we talk about India, the email conversations are quite formal, but it is always addressed with respect such as sir, madam, etc.

On the other hand,  in the export mail format of countries such as the USA and the UK don’t always mention the word sir or madam in the conversation. These countries use the first or last name for addressing anyone in the email. So accordingly, you need to take care while writing an email to the buyer or seller.


International importers


Also, Mr and Ms are the two main greeting phrases used for addressing any woman or man across the globe irrespective of their marital status. These are the few things to take care while drafting an email to the International importer or exporter. The flow of your grammar and language should be perfect and easily legible for understanding the purpose of your email.


The subject line:

The subject line plays an important role in the International email communication. The opening rate of your emails is decided upon the subject line of your mail. Without a proper subject line, the opening rate will be quite low. Also, the subject line has to be clear and concise. A good subject line is always short and attractive. It must convey the meaning in a few words.


International importers


The matter of the email

Email writing tips are the heart of the communication for contacting your international importers as well as exporters. If you like to convey in a simple and compact format, it would be appreciated more as people do not spend time reading long emails.


The importance of drafting short and compact emails

When you draft a message point to point without adding unnecessary information or points, the client would appreciate it. Reading unnecessary information over the mail becomes quite problematic.

When an offer is made by the exporter in reply to an inquiry from the importer, Always write what is asked by the opponent person to help the email look genuine and relevant. The information shared via the email should always be genuine as well as true. Illogical information never works in professional communication.

The way of writing also holds an important role while communicating with international importers as well as international exporters. Your tone should always be subtle, modest and clear. There shouldn’t be any guesswork in the writing format to avoid any misunderstandings.


The closing part of the email:

When you contact buyers for export business as well as importers via an introduction letter to foreign buyers, the closing part of the email is something that needs a genuine or relevant call to action. Your email exporter should have a specific call to action such as waiting for your reply, share your token number, answer with yes or no, let me know if you like the sample, should I wait for your call, should I consider the confirmation from your end, etc.

For more information on how to write an email to an importer in a professional manner, you can take the help of our content marketing expert. Call on +91 9211066888 to get queries for your specific import export communication needs along with the import export company introduction letter. Moreover, you can also get a sample of the letter to the embassy for a list of importers.Our team will be highly obliged to help you with the same.

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