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India is an emerging market in the world. The rising production capacity of industrial products, agriculture products, and the adoption of modern technology have changed India's business realm.

Today, India is helping many countries with cost-effective solutions by providing high-quality manufacturing products and organic food production. Consistent development in the various sectors and friendly ties with the countries under free trade agreements made Indian-made products float effortlessly across the borders.

Companies or Individuals who want to start their import export business in India have great scope in the country. We will help you set up your import export companies in India quickly and provide ongoing advice to ensure you succeed in your goal. Customized packages are also offered to companies to leverage additional benefits.

Our experts will work with you throughout the process. Assistance is provided to fulfilling the vital requirement while setting up your business, including documentation, approval from the local authority, government certification, bank account opening, and maintenance of the duly signed documents to avoid challenges.

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Most Imported Products from India

The modern Indian economy is focused on reducing imports and increasing export. Several policies have been introduced recently by the Government of India to support import and export business in India. However, the country is still struggling with the essential products that need to import on a large scale because the local consumption of these products is relatively high.

As the largest democracy in the world, we cannot ban the products. We support an open trading environment to give benefits to all groups of people. Imported products have high demand in the country; thus, traders participating in the trading business of these products earn an attractive return from importing products from other countries. The imported products are contributing to large communities to fulfill their needs.

After starting a trading business, these imported products could be your primary focus because the demand and supply move hand in hand. You will earn a good profit margin by trading these products in India. Once you fully understand the trading business and understand the landscape, you will also encounter several import export business ideas in India.

So learn about starting an import export business in India and see how you can integrate the system to source these products from the exporting country and deliver it to the local market.

India's Top 10 Import Products

Here is the list of top imported products in India

  • Oil - Import cost - 177.5 billion USD
  • Precious stones - Import cost - 60 billion dollars
  • Electronics - Import cost - 32 billion USD
  • Heavy machinery - Import cost - 31 billion dollars
  • Organic chemicals - Import cost - 18 billion USD
  • Plastics - Import cost - 11.8 billion USD
  • Animal and vegetable oil - Import cost - 10 billion USD
  • Iron and Steel - Import cost - 7 billion USD

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Best import export business in India

Scaling a trading business is only possible with a good mindset and the ability to find high-demand products. The success of import export business from India determine by various factors such as the location of your business, product research, customer acquisition, brand promotion, speed of delivery, and price. Once you have complete control over these aspects of the trading business, you can manage it effectively.


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Top Export Business Ideas


India is the largest textile production country in the world. Top brands are manufacturing their clothing line in India and selling these branded products worldwide. Selling textile products is relatively easy because the Indian market has earned a good reputation over the years in the International market. Finding the customers for your Product would be comparatively less challenging.

Additionally, Manufacturing costs in India for clothing products are less than in developed countries. Thus, massive production can be achieved using the labor force.


The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is contributing mainly to economic growth. Regional companies have helped many developed countries during the pandemic with extraordinary services and supply of vital medicine. Getting into the export of Pharmaceuticals business will give you instant success.

The essential infrastructure is already available in India for export; thus, it would be easy to supply the highly demanded pharmaceutical products to foreign countries without restrictions. The scope for growth in the Pharmaceutical trading business is extensive.


Indian Jewelry is known for its distinct type of design and purity. A large amount of gemstones is sold in the international market every year. Several states are participating in the Jewelry making business and contributing to the economy's growth.

Rising demand for Copper, Garnet, Silver, Gemstones, and Gold made Jewelry is very high in the international market. The scope for selling Indian-made Jewelry is relatively high; thus, entering into the Jewelry exporting business would turn lucrative business for your firm.

Leather Products

The leather industry has seen rapid growth since its independence. Indian Leather enterprises are pioneers in producing high-quality leather products in the world. Wallets, handbags, toys, belts, and many other products made of leather are all manufactured in India. All top brands of the world seek manufacturing from Indian companies. Leather products are highly in demand; thus, they will never go out of business.

Several industries are using leather in their products, such as Automobile industries are making leather-made seats cover to enhance the quality of their cars. India has gained a good reputation as a leather exporting country. Entering the export or import of leather as raw material or leather-made products will add one more sustainable development to your business.

How to do import export business in India?

Starting an import-export business in India is relatively easy because the Government has reduced the number of documents required and the procedure to get the import-export license for the company. Here are the vital steps to acquiring permission to trade in the international market.

Import Export Business
  • Get the PAN Card.
  • Select the type of business. You have the option to select from Sole trader or Private limited company.
  • Opening a current account.
  • Register the company to receive IEC Code.
  • Choosing the Product you are willing to trade.
  • Apply for Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC).
  • Finding the potential market to sell the Product.
  • Contract with the buyer before trading.
  • • Get paid and deliver the Product to the buyer.

Once you have understood the vital process of doing import export business in India, you will be able to process the trade efficiently. Import-export companies must adhere to all the custom guidelines and government policies to avoid restrictions from the authority. After successfully registering the legal procedures and acquiring the necessary certificate, the company can start trading the preferred Product.

Stay away from trading products banned by the Government. You will not receive custom clearance until the Government declares the policy changes. The trading company has to stay alert about the new policy changes. The Government can take the decision overnight and restrict the export of products if necessary.

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Documents required for import export business in India

Indian export and import businesses must adhere to government norms while trading goods in the international market. Mandatory documents must be presented timely to ensure you follow all the legal procedures. Documents also play a critical role in identifying the person involved in the trading business. Buyers' and customers' data are noted in the documents with precise transaction details. Each bill will have a serial number and be duly signed by the authority. Documents are made compulsory to improve the ease of business in the country. It reduces the stress on the companies and government departments involved in the procedure. Changes in the policy or document reductions are notified with the press release.

Documents Required for Export of Goods

Here are the documents required for exporting goods to the international market from India.

  • Bill of Lading / Air Way Bill
  • Commercial invoice-cum-packing list
  • Shipping Bill or Bill of Export

Documents Required for Import of Goods

The following documents are mandatory to present at customs when importing goods from a foreign country to India.

  • Bill of Lading / Air Way Bill
  • Commercial invoice-cum-packing list
  • Bill of Entry

Import export business from India to Dubai

Dubai has become one of the top import partners of India. The rising demand for Indian products in the Middle East has given immense success to the local players.

Here is the list of the products exported from India to Dubai

  • Petroleum products
  • Textiles
  • Dairy Products
  • Metal Products
  • Nuts and edible products
  • Electronic products
  • Clothing
  • Organic and Inorganic products

Get in touch with the Impexperts for professional support. Experts will guide you throughout the process and make rapid progress in the journey to become a top import-export company

Popular questions

Import-export is highly profitable in India. Rising manufacturing, raw material export, and agricultural product demand in the international market have increased the exports of vital products. Trading these products in a foreign country would generate good profit for your business.

Import-export business in India has simplified to increase the efficiency of the companies involved in the process. Once you have received mandatory documents from the authority, you can immediately start trading the Goods. After getting a license to trade goods in the international market, the next step is finding potential buyers. Finalize the deal and get advance payment before sending the goods to a foreign land. You should be aware of the legal policies of the importing country to avoid your shipment getting stuck in customs.

Here is the list of the best import export business in India.
  • Textile
  • Rare minerals
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Metal
  • Jewelry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Leather products
  • Coffee
  • Diamond
  • Handcraft products
  • Organic foods
The list continues as the rising demand for Indian-made products has given birth to many industries.

India's import and export business consists of importing or exporting products in high demand. Import works when the local demand for particular products rises. Trader source the products from foreign countries and sell that to the local market. In contrast, the export is conducted when the demand for the locally made Product is high in the international market. The Product is shipped to the country where the demand is high.

The best way to learn import export business is by joining the reputed training institute. Agency will help you understand the concept with theoretical and practical knowledge. After you complete the training program, you can either start your own import export business or join a trading company to work as an employee. Entrepreneurs who want to start a trading business must get the necessary document before getting involved in the actual trading. You would require a PAN card, current transaction account, IEC code, RCMC certificate, etc. Once you have these documents, you are qualified to trade the goods in the International market.

Registration of the company starting import export business is done with the Government authority. The import export company must declare the nature of their business, such as sole proprietorship or private limited company. Submit the registration form with the necessary documentation for the verification firm. Once the registration is complete, you will be given an incorporation certificate. After that, get the IEC and RCMC certificate. These documents are essential to dealing in the import export business. Change in the government policy is informed to the companies. You can take further action according to the new policy and stay qualified for trading goods.

Starting an import export business is relatively easy in India. Several agencies support you in getting your company registered with the government at a minimal cost. Here are the documents required to start your import export business in India.
  • PAN Card
  • Current Account
  • IEC Code
  • Listing nature of business
  • Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)
Once you have the necessary document, the next step is finding the target market to export the product.

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