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What is the basic Import Export Process?

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An import export business follows a systematic process that makes it successful on each step. At Impexperts – world of import export, we help our registered candidates to learn and practically understand the import export business flow for better and smooth trading experience.

The first and primary process for starting an import export business is the registration of the company. You can always register the company separately from your existing business for helping it achieve and attain a separate and international legal identity. Next important step is IEC code registration. Wondering how to register for IEC? Please click here to watch step by step process for obtaining IEC Code. In the case of import business process, RCMC is mandatorily required.

Later, the keen import export business owner requires to explore the possible import export opportunities with product selection. Once you have selected your product, you need to find potential buyers or suppliers for importing or exporting your product successfully. The last stage of Import export process is transportation and logistics. Also, when the entire process is done; you have to hire a CHA (Customs Housing Agent) for clearing the port duties (either import or export).

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